Future Acrylic Paint Pouring Courses
Magenta Quinn - Artist

Future Acrylic Paint Pouring Courses

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The new courses will be available in time and your feedback will be helpful in planning which course to release next !

Thank you again for your interest in these upcoming courses. I'll be in contact to notify you when the course is launched.

In the meantime, here are some steps you can take right now to get prepared and learn more about this course's subject matter:

  1. Download ebooks or cheat sheets to get your started. 
  2. Register here to receive information of new courses as well as pre-purchase discounts.
  3. Join the Facebook group Everything Paint Pouring and share your Paint Pouring journey. :)

Don't wait until the courses go live to take action! Go ahead and visit the links above to start learning. Weee!!!!


Follow this link to access the courses :) Online Courses

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