Quick Tips  for Selling Your Acrylic Paint Pouring 

Magenta Quinn

A lot of us do this for a hobby and then expand into sales and don't know where to even start to make progress. We don't know how to cost, what's a good place to sell, fees that are included etc etc. 

I've been doing this since 2017 and have learned some things along the way, these may give you some thoughts for yourself.

🎈It's your Art, but it's someone else's interpretation. They may see it as you do, or as something completely different, and that's ok. 

🎈The "base price" should be at least the cost of materials, plus your time, plus drying time, plus any finishing products, plus wrapping, plus shipping. How much you charge for your time depends on your skill level and the amount of time you have spent perfecting your methods. 

🎈 You can charge above your base price as your skill, dedication and experience grows, the same with any thing in life that you have spent time and dedication learning and doing. 

🎈You can charge less than your base price at any time, if you like the person, feel like being generous, have too much stock, want to share some good vibes or any other reason you like. If you do charge less than your base price, it may become an expected norm, so be careful about doing it. 

🎈 This Art form being so variable, commissions can be tricky. I "retain" the rights of sale for a painting when doing commissions, which means that if they don't quite like it I will sell it elsewhere. As such I don't usually take a deposit on commissions. 

🎈If it's a particular or unusual item they want created, you would be better taking a deposit to cover materials, and then have an agreement about how many attempts you will make, with a good understanding that the paint has its own mind. 

🎈Any platform is good to use to sell your Art. Work out the costs and if the fees are viable for you, but do understand it won't work if you don't additionally promote it yourself. You can try markets, Etsy, social media, cafes, clinics and more. 

🎈You can only sell what the market will bear, if an area is saturated, you may need to be more creative and innovative to sell your product. If people can't "afford" your Art, then you may need to change the area you sell in, your cost of materials, or your methods of production. 

🎈Above all do things that make you feel proud to sell them, and sell the items at a price that makes you feel good in yourself. Don't undercut yourself, but also don't oversell. Have fun 🎉🎉 

I do regular lives on my Facebook page if you want to see what I get up to Magenta Quinn - Artist or head over to my website for other downloads, cheat sheets, information about classes and more! www.magentaquinn.art


Let’s have fun!

Magenta Quinn - Artist. BFA

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