Found Art Project

The found art / art abandonment movement has been around for many years. It's most common for people do painted rocks, and many people are in groups that create and then leave these gifts for people to find.


During Covid I started giving away Art every week and continued to do it for 18 months. As a result I was nominated for an Australia Day Award and became a finalist for Community Involvement. I loved giving happiness to others, and the responses from people who found the art was wonderful. I still remember the person who contacted me in tears about how crap their week had been, and how finding a little treasure just lightened their load and brightened their day. I also love that some people that took the art pieces they found and repositioned them somewhere else for other people to find. 


I started out with placing the Art in plastics bags to protect against weather, and potential germs, and printed out my own small cards with information to include in the bag. As time went on I got the cards printed professionally. I've left Art in my local area, on walks and hikes I did a few hours from home, and on a holidays in various locations around the world including London and Europe. 


Soon I will add a template to print out yourself and join the project, sharing joy, one colourful piece at a time. ❣️